Our Services

Growthwell Group is your ideal vegetarian food solution partner in the challenging F&B market in Singapore and the rest of Asia. We will strive to meet your needs in the following business areas:

Food Manufacturing

We have a Vegetarian Manufacturing Plant in Johor Jaya, Malaysia, and we provide trusted OEM services for ingredients ranging from konnyaku, soya, mushroom to gluten. We are able to customise according to your requirements.

Sauces Manufacturing

We have a Sauces Manufacturing Plant located in Tai Seng Avenue, Singapore. We are able to provide OEM customised services from pastes, sauces to soups, all according to your preferences and needs.

Wholesale Import & Export

We also operate as a Vegetarian Food trading, packing and wholesale company. We have a multi-temperature warehouse located at Tai Seng Aavenue, which carries a wide variety of high-quality vegetarian products for you to choose from.


If you are keen to discover how we could provide the best vegetarian food solutions for your business, contact our friendly sales team today.