We Are Your Trusted Partner in Vegetarian Food Solutions in Singapore

Growthwell Group is the only vegetarian food solutions company that helps F&B businesses and organizations to get high quality products and excellent logistics support & customer service so that they can grow, profit and succeed with us.

Ever since 1989, Growthwell Group has been the trusted one-stop meat-free solutions provider for F&B businesses and organizations in Singapore, Australia, India and USA.

We have a factory in Johor Jaya, Malaysia, that manufactures both standard and OEM high-quality vegetarian products, and a central kitchen in Singapore that manufactures customized sauces, all the while catering to your business needs.

Our Singapore office acts as the wholesale distributor and logistics partner within the region and around the world.

Vision, Mission & Values


Our mission is to provide meat-free food solutions to the world by replacing animal products with plant-based food. We want to make the world a better place by reducing the overall meat consumption around the world, promoting sustainable living. We believe that by doing so, we will be able to improve human health, increase the earth’s sustainability and respect animal welfare!


Our vision is to be the leader of meat free food manufacturing worldwide.



We are honest, dedicated and loyal in our work. We are ethical and trustworthy in all our dealings with our partners and clients.

Team Work

We support those we work with and help to build the effectiveness of our team to achieve the best results. We encourage collaboration, celebrate success, and build long-lasting relationships.


We believe in providing superior service at the highest level of courtesy and promptness to our partners and clients.

Awards & Accreditations

Our awards and certifications testify to our unwavering standards and market leadership.


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