With every intention of making the world a better place, we started creating plant-based food 30 years back. We want to reduce the overall meat consumption around the world and promote sustainable living. Yet, we want to remain true to our Asian roots; flavours, ingredients, taste. In doing so, we have made it our mission to care for a hundred million lives with sustainable and nutritious plant-based choices.

After much research and development, building our supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, we are one step closer to our goal. As a leading supplier of plant-based alternatives in Asia, we evolved to become an innovative plant-based food company. Equipped with food technology, manufacturing and distribution capabilities, we are able to able to provide end-to-end plant-based food solutions directly to our valued partners and consumers. We truly hope that our efforts will help the animals, humans and most importantly, the earth, to grow well – together with Growthwell.


Innovative Plant Nutritions

With the rising interest in superfoods and healthy eating,
this comes with a steady decline in consumption of
animal-based food (i.e. meat or dairy). With the growing
concern for sustainability, as well as the desire for clean labels
and allergens-free food, this created a heavy demand for healthy
and diverse plant-based proteins and ingredients that can replace
meat and dairy without compromising on nutrition and taste.

The world’s first chickpea-based texturised vegetable protein:
Allergen-free, gluten-free, estrogen-free, 90% protein extracted,


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